Seafood restaurant

This is the story of a union, a covenant between two realities, or rather, between two seas.

A stone’s throw from via Veneto, in the area of piazza Fiume, the Tyrrhenian and the Adriatic seas seamlessly melt together as one: from Le Marche, chef Federico Delmonte, and owner Stephen Chinappi, native of South Pontino.

Ten years ago Stefano moved from his historic restaurant in Formia to Rome, first to Piazza Barberini, then to Porta Pia.

Two seas which are different and exceptional treasure troves – the blue fish of the Adriatic, fish from the Tyrrhenian rock – that sparkle on the local dishes thanks to the skill and culinary maturity of the chef Delmonte, acquired through years of professional experience within Italy and abroad, and Stephen’s attention and knowledge of the fish that arrive daily from the family fishmongers on the Pontine coast.

The spirit of the place is manifested in the immediacy of the flavours found in combinations dictated by tradition, in the difficult task of making the art of cuisine simple and pure.




Family Fishmonger

The fish used in the Chinappi restaurant come from the uncontaminated sea on the south Lazio coast and is purchased directly from the family’s fishmongers.

Stefano buys the fish daily at auction in Formia (LT) from Gianni Purificato, husband to his sister Sabrina. Freshness and quality are guaranteed by a shared family passion for fish products and for our sea.